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One day? Well that's not enough for women !!

This is not a regular post on celebrating women on #internationalwomenday.

Green Zeit does not quite support the celebration of women for a single day created by the framework of #capitalism.

We celebrate them 365 days and 24*7.

The treatment meted out to women in many countries and the vulnerable conditions in which they survive need structural modifications. These kind of symbolism - dedicating a day, picking a theme and selling greetings cards - will not address these challenges. This might go into drawing some eyeballs. Beyond this it has not worked.

So on #internationalwomensday Green Zeit pledges to bring the stories of many such #womenchangemakers who need a platform to share their stories. We will work for them and with them all throughout the year.

The post is not to offend anyone. I respect the kind of work that goes behind organising awareness and creating fraternity surrounding this day. But I come from a part of the world where women experience worse situations everyday. Witnessing such scenarios has influenced me to think differently.

My mother and I enjoying a tram ride on a beautiful sunny day

  • Participating in an event on #internationalwomenday is not a 'cool' thing for me. Working for them is.

  • Sharing a post showing solidarity with them on this day is not my intention. Sharing their stories is and

  • Gifting them cards well packaged by capitalism is not my life's motto. Empowering them is.

If I am in a position of privilege, I will strive towards using my available resources for those who aren't.

For me the creation of this platform is one such tiny initiative towards achieving that objective. Celebrating the unsung and empowering the voiceless will be a responsible job that will be carried out throughout the year.

However, I cannot end this post without humbly mentioning that : it is because of the immense struggle, sacrifices and movements of women in the past and also now that we are enjoying the fruits of freedom. We should honour them. And for this we need not always have to look beyond or dig into the pages of history. Our home is enough. I had written about this sometime back. In case anyone find this interesting please do give it a read: The Ordinary Lives of Everyday Feminism

Let us celebrate US for the whole and not just the parts !!

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