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  • If you have any idea which has already made an impact in your part of the world, feel free to share. Remember you can share any action that has already happened, is currently happening or waiting to happen in any part of the globe. No idea is stupid!!

  • Do you have an interesting project proposal related to climate action which you would want to implement but do not really know how? Green Zeit can guide you through the process or put you in touch with relevant people.

  • Would you want to turn the spotlight on that unsung person from your community/locality who is working towards a sustainable future? It is time to talk about them.

  • Do you want to collaborate with Green Zeit? Feel free to write.

Send in your pitch: Max. 150 words.


We always welcome unsolicited pitch. 



Thanks for submitting!

500 Terry Francine St. 

San Francisco, CA 94158

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