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My name is Dr. Suparna Banerjee


I am from India. I have made Germany my home, atleast for now. I have spent, well around, five years of my life researching at the Centre for Development Research, University of Bonn. The result is a PhD degree. I have published my book on the subject. You can find it here:

Routledge and

Taylor & Francis

Some of my articles on climate related issues are available online. You can check them here:

Sal Leaves : A traditional South Asian alternative to plastic

Humankind needs more stringent environmental regulations.

Useful e-learning courses on the UNEP website

How to manage global risks effectively

Earth is headed towards 2.8 degree warning

Lectures Delivered in association with Deutsch-Indische Zusammenarbeit e. V.  Indo-German Cooperation:

  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.

  • Social Movements and the Role of Civil Society regarding the climate crisis.


I am an avid reader and travel enthusiast. I am also fun to work with. I spend a lot of my time writing. 

You can contact me here:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
Mountain Cliff Hiker

How we began our journey together

In India , just like in any other developing economies, awareness about climate change is limited either to academic books or nothing at all. This is not a common topic that we encounter on a regular basis. The most prominent reason behind this is our everyday struggle with existential crisis - food, clothing & shelter. This leaves us with little time and luxury to introspect about these issues. Even among the privileged section awareness is very limited.


When I moved to Germany I, too, had my initial reservation about topics such as climate. I considered these to be too opulent to waste my time over. However, continuous discussions among peers and regular exchanges with friends triggered my initial interest. I began to study about the subject. I volunteered with a couple of NGO's to understand how these things actually work on the ground. It was an eye opener for me. 


The most striking thing about discussions on climate is the overbearing presence of technicalities and jargon. As an academician I realised that if this continues, the discussion will once again revolve around a limited circle without penetrating among the masses. And without the involvement of the maximum number of people, it is impossible to deal with such a crisis at a global scale. 

The other reason being, while people are engaged in executing a project in their community there are hardly any forum where they can talk about it. This platform will facilitate in providing a co-sharing space where the grassroot activists and climate enthusiasts can discuss, exchange and create new tools.

The realisation and determination became even stronger after I became a mother. I want to contribute towards creating a beautiful planet which will not be enjoyed just by me but my future generations as well. 

Green Zeit is a passion project where I try to bring down the most difficult subject to the level of the ordinary people. With my background in social sciences, analysing the socio-political environment of a project becomes easier. 

The word Green probably is the most common colour associated with nature. And Zeit in German means time. It is the time to act now on Nature.

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