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Green Zeit is committed to making climate science accessible to all. We aim to simplify scientific concepts and make science communication easy and relatable. Join us as we delve into the marvels of the natural world and bring complex scientific ideas to life.

Stories are shared. Ideas are exchanged. Actions are determined.



Green Zeit is an online platform where we are passionate about helping you to understand climate change in simple and easy language. Our commitment to SDG Goal 13: Climate Action means that we share stories from across the globe where such actions have made a difference in the community.


Through Green Zeit, users can connect with each other, share resources, and collaborate on initiatives to make a meaningful impact on the environment. It also provides access to educational materials and resources to help people make informed decisions about their environmental impact. It is a great way to bring people together and work towards creating a sustainable future.

Green Zeit is committed to Social Impact Journalism to provide a platform to the unknown changemakers and unsung grassroot community leaders who are protecting our environment. 

Join us and make a difference today!

Check out our Mission and Vision statement to know more about us.


Our mission is to:

1. Create a global platform that communicates science in an easy and simple language for the benefit of the environment.

2. Build a community of grassroot changemakers to share their stories.

3. Develop Social Impact Journalism into a tool for communicating climate science for all.


Our vision is to strive to create a sustainable environment for future generations by providing knowledge and awareness to the public. We believe that by working together, we can create a better future for the planet and all of its inhabitants.

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